About Us

Chris holding a brown trout

Fly Fish the Deerfield Outfitters is committed to catering to the needs of each client as well as sharing insights and tactics that will elevate your skills on the Deerfield and your home waters too.

I’ve been fly fishing for 28 years and I’ve dedicated my life to this sport, and I hope my passion for fly fishing is contagious. Fly Fishing is a sport that honors tradition yet at the same time is constantly evolving as technology and new materials become available and push the sport along.

Being a good guide requires an awareness of both , and commitment to innovation that will help your clients not only catch fish but raise their level of enjoyment.

I spend an inordinate amount of time on the Deerfield and I hope my love for the river and the fishery becomes yours as well.

Tight Lines!
Chris Jackson-owner, head guide,
Fly Fish The Deerfield Outfitters